The Process

*Length and number of sessions vary depending on the individual needs of each client. The fee for services is assessed on an hourly basis.


First we discuss the client’s goals, any questions, and  areas to be examined. I will ask about the things (relationships, decisions, etc.) they are struggling with in their estate planning process so we can work together toward resolution. We will talk about what they hope for and what they want their legacy to be.

Identifying the people and things involved

Counseling ProcessThis is a critical piece of the process – discussing potential beneficiaries and the relational dynamics in place. Many people are faced with beneficiaries of varied ages, circumstances and financial stature. Others face strained relationships, often the result of divorce or personalities that struggle to find common ground.  With a clear view of any hurdles in place, we will discuss how to approach these challenges as they relate to  your legacy.

Understanding of the assets

Legacy Counseling not only considers traditional estate planning assets, it also encompasses items not typically considered in the process. To be intentional in your planning, I will emphasize the importance of being thorough as you address all of your estate, including items you’ve purposefully acquired through the years.  We will work together to bring light to the emotional weight of certain assets, like artwork, a prized coin collection or family heirlooms. Without direction, loved ones often are left confused about how to handle items left behind (especially those of sentimental value), which can deepen their sense of loss or create tension within the family.

Ensuring a comprehensive plan

Both situations-to-be-considered and potential solutions are explored, with necessary resources and timing determined. I will help you identify challenges and discover solutions, facilitating a road map that allows you to be intentional about the things you treasure most – your loved ones, your passions, your possessions.

With a firm understanding of your needs, I will work with you to determine the services that will ensure your best laid plans. I strongly encourage the support of pertinent resources like estate attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners. Sometimes I will suggest books or relevant articles. At times, I will even recommend the support of a family counselor to help resolve conflict, or a physician to explain what someone with a terminal or long-term condition should expect.

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