Joanie Harris Legacy CounselingMeet Joanie Harris.

Joanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is passionate about helping people prevent the conflict and crisis that can arise after a loved one is gone.

“Have you ever seen a family have relational crisis and conflict when a parent dies? And have you felt how heart wrenching it is to watch as it happens? Well, I help people try and prevent this sort of train wreck from happening in their family. I encourage people to approach estate planning in a way that helps them finish well.”

Through JH Legacy Counseling, I want to offer clients two things:

  1. A safe and confidential place to process your thoughts, questions, and concerns about the relational and emotional challenges that come up with estate planning. People often feel uncomfortable bringing up these issues with their family and friends. And for people with no heirs, I offer you a place to discover and explore the legacy you want to leave.
  2. Support in discerning what to do with your more personal assets, the things of emotional value sometimes overlooked in the estate planning process.

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